Megan Thee Stallion Music Video Shoot for 2020 BET Awards

With only a little over a week before the project was to debut on TV for the 2020 BET Music Awards, Cinema Giants Producer Lisa Arianna, called upon UltimateGraveyard for the open desert and apocalyptic landscape for the music video. They needed room to build a 40 foot wide and 20 foot high scaffolding for the dancers. They also needed a long dirt road

In addition to the amazing crane shots below the train tracks, the production used several areas of the property, including a long dirt road next to the train tracks, the cement underpass and the dry lake bed area for the Savage (Remix) stage performance.

One of the many highlights from this production was the amazing 27 foot, stainless steel, street legal, Burning Man art car aptly named “Valerian Steel”. The car was designed by Henry Chang and his team at Playaworks in Las Vegas, who spent more than 2,000 hours building this work of art.

See the behind-the-scenes photos in the gallery. To see more videos shot at UltimateGraveyard, check out the UltimateGraveyard Playlist.

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Artist Management: Roc Nation
Production Co.: Cinema Giants
EPs: Jessy & Leslie Terrero – Cinema Giants
Director: JaQuel Knight
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani
Producer: Lisa Arianna
Sup Producer: Julio Mata Jr.
Production Manager: Valerie Bush
Art Director: Duke Michaels
Picture Car: Henry Chang – Playaworks

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