GQ Magazine: Matthew McConaughey Rocking the Tweed


GQ Magazine was looking for the perfect desert location to showcase trends in tweed fashion with Matthew McConaughey.
They chose the UltimateGraveyard for the vast open desert land, the Joshua trees, and the railroad tracks that run through it.

Written By: Brett Martin
Photography By: Peggy Sirota

Check out the McConaughey interview in the November 2014 issue of GQ here.


Hairpieces For Men

Lace Wig Myths

Today’s generation is a mixture of different hairstyles that can either be short or long. Also, ease of care is a very important factor for me. So if you want a wig as a fashion accessory or a way to express yourself, then I would definitely recommend getting several synthetic wigs in different colors and styles, rather than just one human hair wig for the same price.

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Today, with the variety of wigs available in the market, any prospective buyer needs to at least have an overview of what to expect and what not to. Selecting a wig for your head is never an easy event and is not like buying a dress or a pair of shoes.

Rather than reverting back to full wigs, women opted for hairpieces that were called “falls.” These pieces clipped into the hair at the crown of the head and were covered with a headband, scarf, or crown of flowers.

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Colonial Wigs And Hairstyles

Welcome to the Costume Emporium, where you can find the latest styles and ideas of Halloween Costume Mask and accessory – virtually everything you need to turn your next Costume party or Trick-or-Treating outing into a huge success. In order to make sure that your wigs and hairpieces look good and are in best of the shape, you must ensure that they are clean and well maintained every time before you put them on. To protect your wigs from appearing oily or dirty, you must timely wash them, remove tangles from them before every washing as it might result into damage and always use the prescribed wigs care products for prolonged life.

Women love sex as much as men do; it’s just not socially acceptable for them to say so. Men get their pleasure from a woman’s pleasure and most women lie to men about their satisfaction” which leads to the giant gap in the presumption that marriage presumes passionate, romantic love and fidelity Cheap Weft Extensions Online are the highest values.

Unfortunately for Veronica, when she changed her hairstyle in an effort to persuade other women to follow suit because of the impracticality of this style and the nuisance it was causing for girls who were donating their time to the war effort, she suddenly lost popularity.

The kids donned the custom banged creations and then walked the runway Wednesday night at the Barrister Gardens in St. Clair Shores before an audience of their peers, parents, donors and supporters of Kids 4 Wigs.

In addition to the fashion show, guests enjoyed a strolling dinner, a cash bar and were entertained by the sounds of Rod Stewart tribute artist; Danny D. VIP attendees were given preferential seating and treated to photo opportunities with Terrence Davidson.

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